What Happens After the 341 Meeting

What Happens After the 341 Meeting

Can You Spend Money After 341 Meeting After 341 Meeting How Long Until Discharge After your 341 meeting, you may still have to wait for a while before your case is closed. You still have to wait for 60 days before the court approves a debt discharge and issues an order wiping out qualifying debt. … Read more

Best Business Litigation Lawyers in Houston, Tx

Business Litigation Attorneys Near Me Houston Area Location Walter Law Firm, PC – Business Litigation Lawyers Teri Walter is board certified in civil trial law and the firm represents clients in the following areas: contracts, leases, real estate, and construction, disputes between business owners, negligence, collections, landlord and tenant disputes, deceptive trade practices fraud, conversion, … Read more

Trespass to Chattel vs Conversion

Trespass to chattels is defined as intentional interference with the lawful possession of a chattel in the United States. This can be pretty much any kind of physical interference, such as taking, destroying, or restricting access. There must be damage in order to recover. Legal Definition of Trespass to Chattels When a person converts property … Read more

Texas Premises Liability: A Warning May Not Be Enough

In 2010, the Texas Supreme Court delivered its opinion in Del Lago v. Smith, 53 Tex. Sup. Ct. J. 514. Smith was a patron of the Grandstand Bar which is part of the Del Lago resort on Lake Conroe, Texas. He was a member of a fraternity reunion that got into a brawl with a … Read more

Mandatory arbitration clauses – what you need to know

Consumers, patients, and employees sign contracts all the time – from employment contracts to consent forms at the doctor’s office, most of us have signed more contracts than we care to remember. Sometimes we sign contracts in a high-pressure sales environment or when we just don’t have time to read the fine print. It’s a … Read more

Advance directives – make the decision yourself

Nearly 1.5 million Americans suffer some sort of brain injury each year in motor vehicle accidents, falls, and sports and recreational accidents. Many are neither heroically rescued, nor lost. Instead, their bodies are kept alive through life-sustaining treatments (such as ventilators and feeding tubes) with about a 1% chance of regaining their ability to communicate, … Read more

The dangers of propane tanks in gas grills

With Labor Day on the horizon and an estimated 76% of American households owning a propane gas grill, countless Americans will be hosting backyard barbecues to celebrate the holiday weekend. But, before you do, make sure that you do it safely. The National Fire Protection Association claims that “more than 6,100 accidental fires and explosions … Read more