What Expenses Does Child Support Cover

Ex-spouses don’t often know what expenses child support is supposed to cover. Custodial parents sometimes ask for money even after the non-custodial parent has already paid their monthly child support.  So, it’s unsurprising that some non-custodial parents are confused about whether they need to pay for extra expenses claimed by their ex-spouses.

What Is Included In The Child Support Amount?

What Is Child Support Supposed To Cover Texas?

What Expenses Does Child Support CoverChild support is primarily meant to pay for food, clothing, and shelter. Expenses such as uninsured medical expenses, extracurricular activities, sports programs, and educational expenses are often only included if the parents include them in their child support agreement.

While parents are allowed to negotiate and agree on child support, the agreement only becomes valid if the judge believes it’s in the best interest of the child.

Both Parents Have Financial Responsibilities Over The Child

What Does Child Support Pay For

Most people mistakenly believe that only one parent is responsible for providing money while the other parent uses that money to raise the child.  Instead, the law expects each parent to pay support in some form.  To calculate the child support amount, the court estimates the amount of money it will take to raise a child in such a way that the child’s standard of living does not change significantly after divorce.

The non-custodial parent must pay child support even during their parenting time.

Keep Track Of What You Spend

You need to be cautious and track the amount you spend on the child during parenting time.  Some custodial parents spend the child support money on unnecessary things when the child is with the non-custodial parent. Keep a record of the items your child brings with them and what they ask you to buy when they come to visit.

When the child keeps asking you to buy necessities such as toiletries and clothes, it could be a sign that the non-custodial parent is misusing the child’s support.  You can file a motion after you investigate whether this is true.  Always talk to an attorney if you suspect your wife is misusing your support.

What To Do If Your Ex Is Misusing Child Support

The non-custodial parent receives child support and spends the amount in the child’s best interest. But cases, where custodial parents use the funds irresponsibly, are not rare. The non-custodial parent can file a petition to modify the child support order if this is the case.

The non-custodial parent may also file an abuse or neglect charge.  But the non-custodial parent must prove that the misuse of funds is significant enough to make child support modification necessary.  Another option is to seek a change in custody.

The non-custodial parent has to show the court that the change in custody would be in the child’s best interest.

How Long Do You Have To Pay Child Support?

Child support payments typically end when the child turns 18 or when the child graduates from high school.  But you may continue making payments if you owe back support or if the child has a disability.